Don’t have time for an Archive Binge?

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No problem! That’s what the RECAP is for!

It’s a quick summary of what’s been happening in the comic, if you just want to jump into it. Let’s begin!

(And yes, it will seem absurd. It is.)


SETUP (#1-10)

The NEWSRANT is a small newspaper with only five employees. Three reporters (Carrie, Jack, Peter), the editor (Mr. Burmach) and his assistant (Louis), who are amazingly able to run a daily paper themselves.


Jack ends up in a crane accident (not a long story, actually) and starts being a jerk to everyone else in the meantime. He quits the NEWSRANT when he realizes he has a split personality, but gets better and comes back. In his absence, new reporter Carolyn is hired.

ON TRIAL (#28-56)

Jack and Carolyn divide up sections of the NEWSRANT, starting a chain reaction which leads to Jack accidentally getting a person killed. He is put on trial for accidental manslaughter, and his split personality gets him deemed insane and he ends up on the run. Also, declining sales prompt Mr. Burmach to put out an evening edition paper.

STRIKE (#57-)

Current storyline!